Easy cooking with RASAKU 

RASAKU pastes are designed to make life easy - for great taste and less fuss.  One of the best ways to make cooking fun is to follow video instruction on your phone, mobile device or laptop. we hope you enjoy some of our video recipes - some with RASAKU paste and some without.  Do let us know how you get on - happy cooking!

Turmeric Chicken Curry, Thai style  

Chicken curry recipe
Turmeric Chicken Curry

Indonesian Nasi Goreng - modern style 

A real winner and quick to cook. 

A modern twist on Sayur Lodeh

Serve alone, a vegetarian favourite, but equally satisfying as a partner for your main course. Creamy & earthy, accented by the caramelised saltiness of roasted sweet potato and aubergine. 

Recipe for vegetarian food
Sayur Lodeh

Speedy Soto Ayam using RASAKU  

Soto Ayam

Pan Fried Duck Breast with a refreshing yet spicy sauce

The combination of sweet, sour and spice complements the meaty duck.  

Pan Fried Duck Breast, Tamarind Sauce
Pan fried duck, tamarind sauce
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